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What Clients Say

Review of Sleep-Focus sessions with Mark

Prior to starting the sleep sessions, I had experienced 3 years of slowly deteriorating sleep with at least a year of extremely disturbed sleep that was impacting on my work, relationships, and health.

I was short tempered and grumpy with friends, family, and work colleagues. I was regularly feeling tearful. I was also going through the menopause but, the sleeplessness and the worry about the sleeplessness did not help. I felt as though I had no power over my ability to sleep and was very down about the situation. I was often feeling tearful and worn down.

When we were going through the sessions, I could understand the logic of the process and each of the steps seemed inherently sensible.  I found Mark’s explanations clear and understood the techniques and why I was doing various things such as the sleep diary, worry tree and buffer time which were activities that gave me a major improvement.  The presentation of the material was relaxed, and the inclusion of the slides and video clips was interesting and simple to follow.

I found that Mark’s willingness to engage in issues I felt were a trigger for my personal sleeplessness, i.e. sugar intake, extremely supportive and added to the sense that this was a process tailored to my issues and doing what was right for me as an individual, no more no less.

I am very enthusiastic about the process I have just been through and have recommended it to several people who have told me about their experience of sleeplessness. I felt carefully guided through the process with Mark and he pitched the information at the right level for me to be engaged and understand what was happening. Mark was a calm and positive influence throughout and an enthusiastic advocate for the techniques he was passing on. I felt increasingly confident in his abilities and the process he was such an advocate for.


I will continue to fully endorse this process.

Hi Mark

More years ago, than I care to count, I used to quite like "me". But then insomnia struck, when working in a stressful job. I suffered from early morning awakening and everything changed. I got enough sleep to physically function the next day, but my patience, humour, energy to do things, interest levels all disappeared. I'd fall asleep when watching TV with my wife, then grumble at her when she woke me to say you've fallen asleep and missed a bit. Moving on from that job helped, but to my surprise, the problem of the regular-as-clockwork awake period remained. For years. 


After working with Mark, the difference has been remarkable. I still wake up - apparently everyone does - but I now "know" I will get back to sleep - not fear that I won't. And I do. Every. Single. Time.  The old me has returned; I like me again. If you are reading this, and wondering if it can help - invest in yourself. Try it - the solution may be only a few weeks away.


Mark Thank You!

Mark thank you your expertise in dealing with my sleep problem. I have more confidence in dealing with the sleeping in fact now I can get sleep without the use of Metazapine.


When we started some weeks ago I had lost interest in going the the gym and my bowls club. That has changed and my energy level has improved although sometimes it is difficult.

The use of the sleep diary and your input each week has given me a more positive attitude to solving my problem. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance and encouragement at this difficult time.

I know that if I need more help you will be able to do that.

Thanks again Mark for your valuable time it is much appreciated.

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